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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Detox your life, and the rest will follow.

Detox has been around in practice for years now and with many different approaches. The most common is reducing or avoiding certain toxins for specific periods. It may be a routine part of restoring balance to your health. But focusing on what to stop consuming or doing can be very stressful.

I want to invite you to take a different approach to detox. I would like you to focus on adding to your routine all that nourishes you and helps your body's natural detoxification process. Health should be a joy, pleasurable and fun, not deprivation.

Adding more good stuff will leave less space for "bad" stuff. That makes detoxing easy and sustainable and helps you maintain balance throughout the year.

The body's detoxification pathways need certain nutrients to work well. The good news is that some of your favourite foods and beverages provide the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients to detoxify optimally. Did you know that the colours in fruits and vegetables have compounds that play specific detoxification roles in the body?

Adding an extra serving of colourful fruits or vegetables per day will help you detox and crowd out that processed food you might eat now and then. Adding more leafy greens will support your liver. Adding more sweet vegetables like sweet potato, butternut or carrots to your diet will help with those afternoon sugar cravings. Including more detox-supporting fiber in your diet will positively affect the gut microbiome which in turn will influence the gut barrier, gastrointestinal immune and endocrine responses.

The detox approach depends on your usual eating and lifestyle practices. Each person has unique needs, habits and expectations linked to various health outcomes.

I want to motivate you to detox in different areas of life. Detox is not just cleaning our body of toxic substances but also our home, our cleaning routine and our beauty routine.

True nourishment is both on and off of our plates.

Household products can be very toxic. Endocrine disruptors in beauty and household products cause changes in the body, such as autoimmune diseases, depression, and early development in children. Try to use clean beauty products made using only plant-based ingredients and meet specific eco-friendly and sustainability standards. Start by swapping almost empty products that will need to be replaced soon, rather than throwing out and replacing an entire cupboard of cleaning and beauty products.

It may take some experimenting to find replacement products that work for your body, budget, and lifestyle.

When it comes to replacing some of the cleaning products that you use with something less toxic, you could try this versatile DIY Cleaning Product Recipe:

· 2 cups of filtered water

· 1/2 cup witch hazel

· 25–30 drops of essential oil of your choice

Remember, creating a clean home supports the health of the environment too.

Then there is mental detox that enhances the health and vigour of our minds. Mental detox is about decluttering our mind, refocusing and reenergizing and feeling more at peace. It is essential to continue moving forward with a healthy mindset; it is an integral part of detoxing your life. You can approach detox of your mind with nutrition, physical activity, meditation and mindfulness, or a vacation.

Detoxing your sleep routine will help immensely in the process as well. Sleep is an absolute necessity for a healthy lifestyle. It affects your energy, mood regulation, relationships, and even immunity.

I offer you inspiration and support while you make small, sustainable shifts in various aspects of your life to make the detoxing process easy, fun and sustainable. Toxic buildup can contribute to everything from skin rashes and bloating to brain fog and mood imbalances. These symptoms can shift to disease over time. Therefore, giving the body extra support is of most importance.

Cleanse helps us reevaluate what we need in our lives and what we don't. It energizes us and supports our overall well-being.

The key, though, is to approach it in the way that works for you.

With love



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